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Why won’t that belly fat go away?! Hours of running and exercising don’t seem to be doing the trick. Hundreds of yoga poses later and no luck. What’s the secret to a flat, sexy belly? Just try these simple yet effective yoga poses to relieve stress and sculpt a flat and sexy belly like never before. Love working out? Check out the most stylish fitness gear of 2017! #1. Kapal Bhati (skull shining) Get started on your journey with a simple breathing technique. It is one of the favorite asanas for many to burn belly fat naturally. Also, known as skull shining...

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Yoga is full of benefits, some include: helping you reduce the risk for disease, alleviate stress, and feel amazing. But many people are lost when they first try yoga. Here are some yoga facts that will help you feel stronger after yoga, energizing your body and soul. The Don'ts Forcing and pushing is not natural in yoga, it can damage your muscles and bones. For example, don't force your body to bend while you perform the uttanasana if you are initially unable to touch the ground. Gently ease your body into its maximum stretching ability. Wearing a strong perfume or...

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 Pencils, notebooks, folders, lunch box, and you’re ready to go. Right? Mm. Not quite. If you truly want your kids to perform to their potential, you’re still missing something. Now, of course, we all want our kids to excel at school. Give your kids the opportunity to succeed with essential oils! By providing the beautiful aroma of essential oils and blends, your kids will aim for the stars. Here’s our list of the best essential oils and blends for back to school.      1. Balance & Focus One of the biggest issues with kids in school is that they...

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Want to combine the benefits of your favorite essential oils? Check out our essential oil blends!


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